To the home of  Hand raised Bunnies

We are blessed to live in San Diego, Southern California. We started out with a few bunnies and fell absolutely in love with these adorable Babies. Shortly after, we started to breed all different type of bunnies. From our favorite Rex's all the way to the loveable Holland lops. 



All of our bunnies are hand raised from the day they are born. Shown amazing amounts of love, and given tons of treats.


 It's been an amazing journey with these buns and we are dedicated daily to providing the best care possible for our little furry family members!


Take a look around our website and see our family members and currently available bunnies! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily photos and videos of our babies cute little adventures!

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We stand above your average rabbit breeder through our attentiveness to our bunnies care. Each and All of our bunnies make amazing family members. We make sure they are all well mannered and behaved for their future families.